C26 - Grainpro Cocoon Lite 5MT

C26 - Grainpro Cocoon Lite 5MT

Official product name: GrainPro® Cocoon Lite™

The GrainPro Cocoon Lite™ is a lighter and more affordable version of our trusted PVC Cocoons. Made from lightweight yet durable laminated PE, this Cocoon is 500x times more gas-tight, allowing for extremely low oxygen and water vapor transmission rates to prevent the exchange of air and moisture. This ensures that the quality of commodities is preserved and no insect infestation or mold growth occurs.


The material is UV-protected and weather-resistant which allows for outdoor installation, ensuring that commodities are protected from high temperatures and moisture brought about by rain. Relative humidity and oxygen levels can also be easily monitored so that commodities are protected and secured throughout the whole storage period. And, like the other GrainPro Cocoons, the Cocoon Lite™ is made for organic product storage as well.