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e-Cell is unique in its mode of action by complimenting the body's own natural functions through the application of pre-programmed therapy cards to provide both pain relief and facilitate recovery processes for a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

e-Cell is a digital personal medical assistant, developed by leading western musculoskeletal and traditional Eastern medicine experts.

e-Cell combines the best of evidence-based western medicine with centuries of traditional Eastern medicine, experience and knowledge.

It's the world's first personal "bio-mimicry" machine that amplifies the body's own natural energy processes to control and stimulate at a cellular level. Using a pre-programmed electromagnetic field in sophisticated programs, e-cell treatments are designed according to specific pathology, tissue type and stage of healing. All protocols are based on the bio-electric activity involved in the natural repair processes of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

e-Cell technology is based upon the concept of synthetic exercise, which complements the body’s own natural healing processes of tissue regeneration following injury or inactive lifestyle. 3 US FDA approved waveforms are integrated into a treatment sequence that centered around 3 stimuli which correspond to the phases of tissue repair: Angiogenetic (Vascular) Stimuli, Chrondrogenetic Stimuli and Osteogenetic Stimuli.

This involves the creation of complex external energy fields which radiate through tissue structures and induce tiny electrical signals identical to those generated naturally in response to physical loading. In effect the e-cell influences the body into assuming that the signals were created in response to real physical loading.

e-Cell is portable, affordable and effective in the treatment of a large range of musculosketal disorders thereby reducing pain and discomfort. It can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine to treat a vast range of common musculoskeletal health issues including acute traumas, sports related ailments, long standing injuries, osteoarthritis and aging / degenerative disabilities.

It is a rechargeable, wearable, non-invasive musculosketal therapy device that induces optimum bio-electrical and bio-chemical stimuli to assist in the recovery and avoidance of musculosketal disorders.

e-Cell is classified as a Class 11a medical device, having received a Certificate of Conformity under CE1304 and is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, ARTG number 125537.  The device is also registered with the South African Department of Health : Radiation Control since 2008.

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e-Cell Premium Pack  - a Sim card for every major body area.