Ethylene Adsorbers


TMC produces and distributes Ethylene adsorbing tubes and sachets which are used worldwide for the safe transportation and storage of fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables. Including but not limited to fruits like apple, apricot, avocado, banana, guava. kiwi, mango, papaya, passion fruit, peach, pear, etc.

TMC Ethylene adsorbers have proven to be 2,3 times more effective than other ethylene adsorbing products that are currently on the market. This is due to the fact that TMC uses a unique formula of Sodium Permanganate pellets instead of the more common Potassium Permanganate.

•    Ripening of your fresh products is retarded, keeping it fresh longer.
•    Improved product quality, reduced spoilage
•    Improved hygiene as the air is kept free from micro-organisms and fungi
•    Fruits and vegetables slow down their respiration
•    Chlorophyll loss is delayed
•    Odor mixture is greatly reduced
•    Suitable for organic products
•    Easy to use and environmental safe disposal after use

Ethylene is a plant hormone that differs from other hormones in it being a gas. As they approach maturity, many flowers, fruits and vegetables release ethylene. This Ethylene stimulates the ripening and senescence of the products, but it also affects several other functions such as the abscission of leaves, fruits or flower petals, the dropping of leaves, the sprouting of bulbs, seed germination and, in some species, flower formation.

When plants ripen in their natural environment, the Ethylene is released into the air and dissipates. But when fresh produce is placed in a cool room, container or box, the Ethylene gas gets trapped and builds up, thereby accelerating the ripening process. This usually leads to rapid spoiling of fresh produce. Outside factors like automotive emissions, plastics, smoke and even fluorescent light can also lead to higher Ethylene levels.

TMC Ethylene adsorbers are long tube shaped tubes or mini sachets filled with Sodium Permanganate pellets that curb the ripening of your fresh produce stored in conventional, as well as CA cold storage, containers, or boxes. TMC Ethylene adsorbers remove harmful gases like ethylene. This means that fresh products are protected for an extended period of time.


Our TMC pellets are made out of a microscopically small  micro structure, impregnated with Sodium Permanganate.

The Sodium Permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent that covers a large internal surface through a micro system of miniscule corridors in the alumina structure. This means that a relatively large amount of the Sodium Permanganate is distributed deep into the pore structure of the pellets.

The Sodium Permanganate oxidizes perfectly with Ethylene gas for an extended period of time and it breaks down all the ethylene that it comes into contact with.

Oxidation occurs inside the pellets pores.

Before use, TMC pellets have a deep purple color, but after interaction with ethylene the color will change to dark brown. In the final stages what will be left is black manganese, an environmentally safe residue that can be disposed of hassle-free.