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Eyejusters - focus every time!

Eyejusters - focus every time!

How can Eyejusters help me?

Computers glasses? Reading glasses? DIY glasses? Hobby glasses? Phones glasses?

Instantly change the lens strength of your reading glasses with hidden dials.

Your eyes used to cope with everything close-up. By turning the eyeDials™, our glasses can bring that back. Choose any lens strength between +0.00 and +3.00 D, so you can see all your activities.

Wouldn't it be great to have a single pair of reading glasses that can do everything you want? The strength of each of the lenses in our glasses can be adjusted with the small, hidden eyeDial™. This lets you choose the best focus for what you're doing, whether it's reading, mobile devices, DIY, hobbies or anything else.


Your new Everything Glasses.
Just turn the dials to adjust focus.

Each lens instantly adjusts between +0.00 and +3.00 D.



When you're young, your eyes can easily change focus between distant and near objects.

As your eyes get older, they lose their ability to change focus to see nearby objects. It happens to everyone, and is called presbyopia.

Eyejusters bring that ability back. With the turn of two revolutionary eyeDials™ hidden behind the frame (one for each lens), you can choose your focus. It's a bit like focusing binoculars.

Focus on all nearby objects and activities with ease. Eyejusters can adjust to help you with all your activities.



Design touches

We designed Eyejusters to be a seamless blend of utility, comfort and technology. Our glasses include the latest vision technology inside classic frame styles and materials.

The very latest vision technology,
framed in classic styles and quality materials.


Always adjustable. Never visible.

Each lens can be independently focused and the glasses have two revolutionary eyeDials™ tucked behind the frame for simple adjustment. Always within grasp, but not within sight.


We've included tactile and visual feedback markers to help you adjust the lenses just how you like them. We’ve also included spring hinges on all our glasses, for comfort, longevity and convenience.


Sealed inside

You don't need to worry about dirt or damage in the lens mechanism, it's all sealed together.  
This allows us to make the lenses much thinner and lighter than you might expect, even with the revolutionary adjustable focus capability.


Each lens is Anti-Scratch coated, and if you buy through our online store we offer a 1 Year Warranty.


Explore our range of frames


Everyone uses their glasses differently. And everyone wants a different look from their glasses. Our launch collection has something for you, from professional, precise stainless steel to fun multilayer acetate.


Our plastic frames are made from cellulose acetate. This is a natural material, and very durable. The frames are cut from plaques of dyed acetate, and are then polished and hand-finished to superb standards.

Unlike most plastics, acetate's pigments are an intrinsic part of the material, never losing their intensity. It makes a beautifully finished, high quality frame that will last.

Stainless Steel

Formed from a single sheet: precise, strong and lightweight. Stainless Steel is perfect for those who demand the best. All our stainless steel or combination frames come with high quality finishes, acetate or stainless steel arms and comfortable nosepads.

Multilayer Collection

We've created four special frames for a little extra fun. Using bold multilayer acetate material you can show off your personality, while still enjoying all the functionality of Eyejusters. Why compromise?



Blending the best from our Stainless Steel and Acetate frames, our Combination frames offer high quality metal fronts with polished, comfortable acetate arms, for a wide variety of looks.

 Designed and engineered in Oxford.
Manufactured in the UK.

Every pair of Eyejusters contains our amazing SlideLens™ technology.
Five years of intensive research brings you the very latest in vision correction.


How do the lenses work?

The basis of our SlideLens™ technology is a lens with a special profile, containing both positive power and negative power areas.

When two of these lenses are placed together, the positive power and negative power areas cancel each other out.

When one lens is moved across the other, the amount by which they cancel each other out varies, changing the focus point.


Eyejusters and SlideLens™ Technology

To create Eyejusters, each lens is precisely designed using complex software to achieve a wide field of view and high clarity. The lenses are integrated in a unit sealed against moisture and dirt, and coated with a special Anti-Scratch layer.


Top, Side & Inside View 


 The result is a durable, thin and lightweight lens unit with our revolutionary eyeDials™ on each side of the frame to easily focus each eye independently. Next, we place it into one of our stylish frames.



  Acetate Stainless Steel
Frame front material Acetate Stainless Steel
Arm material Acetate Stainless Steel
Measurements 49☐17-142 49☐19-142
Weight 32g 31g
Pupiliary distance 60mm 62mm
Nosepads Integrated Silicone
Spring hinges? Yes Yes
Lens SlideLens™ Capsule Technology, Anti-Scratch, untinted
Power range +0.00 to +3.00 Dioptres




Eyejusters - Adjustable reading glasses to focus everytime.
Eyejusters - Adjustable reading glasses to focus everytime.

How can Eyejusters help me?

Computers glasses? Reading glasses? DIY glasses? Hobby glasses? Phones glasses?

Instantly change the lens strength of your reading glasses with hidden dials.