Flavin Wine Saver

Saving your opened wine for longer...

Saving your opened wine for longer...

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 FlaVin - 99,9% Oxygen Absorbing Wine Saver


As soon as oxygen makes contact with wine, it begins the process of oxidation. Aka, your wine goes bad (of dit vrot, soos hulle in die Kaap sou sê).

Reds fade and whites darken, the fresh fruity aromas dissipate and the wine becomes ...well...flat. Not good for anyone. That's where a wine preserver comes in.

We are proud to say that Flavin removes 99.9% of oxygen from open wine bottles and keeps it that way for over 30 days. There are no bubbles to blow up or needles to stick in the cork. It's simply an oxygen removing strip and an elegant chrome stopper that seals the bottle and removes all the oxygen with ease.


Flavin is for preserving wine for up to 30 days of freshness!


Get a Flavin Wine Preservation System now and keep your wine fresh, guaranteed.



FLAVIN Oxy-Gone absorbes Oxygen selectively as an Oxygen absorbing wine stopper.

Other savers cannot control all of the oxygen. FLAVIN'S performance was proven through a SCI paper (a Journal of Food Chemistry) 

FLAVIN has an unique anti-oxidation mechanism.

FLAVIN can absorbe all of the oxygen in the wine bottle. 

Remember! There is no saver which can remove oxygen totally. FLAVIN helps preserve wine's flavors without changing the pressure. So it's perfect for wine.

 FLAVIN Saves Wine over 30 Days

Since FLAVIN absorbs all of oxygen in wine bottle, there is no chance for oxidation while preserving wine. 

With FLAVIN, you don't worry about oxidation.

  FLAVIN is Easy to Use

FLAVIN wine saver is not much different from the traditional saver.

As a wine lover this will be familiar to you - just hang the Oxy-gone patch to the stopper. 



Do not miss the Video and great Pictures of FLAVIN and some excellent South African wines at the bottom of the page!