GS-II - 1.3 (bulk)

GS-II - 1.3 (bulk)

Official product name: GrainPro® GrainSafe Bag-1.0

GrainPro GrainSafe Bag is a portable Ultra-Hermetic™ storage system for dry agricultural commodities. It is used for bagged grains and seeds with optional fumigation features for easy CO2 flushing.

With its low permeability to air and moisture, it safely preserves up to one-metric-ton of dry agricultural commodities such as maize, paddy, coffee, etc.

The GrainSafe is made from flexible UV-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride with a hermetic zipper. It can be installed at home, outside on a leveled concrete, on a pallet, or a raised platform with rodent guards as well. Insects inside are wiped-out within just 10 days of storage.