High Energy Food Supplement

Gives you 100% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance Nutrients)

What Is Bio-Mos?

A highly effective prebiotic supported by numerous clinical trials & researched by scientists, exclusive to Genesis. Our products are the only in the world to contain the Sel-Plex and BIO-MOSS functional ingredients. Bio-Mos Prebiotic's main mode of action in the gut is to absorb and get rid of e.coli, salmonella, and superbugs, (it clears out only the bad bugs in our gut). Recent studies also show that BI0-MOSS® has added benefits for diabetes and obesity.


Benefits of Bio-Mos Prebiotic

Due to the mode of action, BI0-MOSS® has the ability to improve gut health, lessen the need for antibiotic use, support the bodies immunity and lower the risk of disease by protecting the bodies gut flora.

Powerful immune supporter
Contains anti-oxidants
Protects from disease
Improves gut flora
Improves nutrient intake

Proven Clinical Trials

Proven results and clinical trials of adding these all-natural ingredients are listed below:

109+ Scientists
6 Patents
10 Immunity Trials
7 Safety & Toxicity Trials
55 Functional Food Trials
29 Stability Trials
15 Bio-availability Trials
12 Antioxidant Trials