PRESS RELEASE - Drivebot turns smartphone into a mechanic for your car

Now available in Southern Africa and other SADC countries through Kriel Technology Group

Bloemfontein, South Africa - 19 October 2015


A new invention set to change how people look after their vehicles is now available in South Africa.

With just a flick of a thumb on your phone, Drivebot diagnoses your vehicle’s health to see if there are any hidden problems, while providing simple instruction on how to deal with them. As a result, owners can save on repair cost before the problem becomes more severe.


The Drivebot device is plugged into an OBD-II port, usually found close to the steering wheel of a car. From here the Drivebot accesses the same diagnostics that technicians usually use to check on a vehicle’s health. Once paired via Bluetooth on a smartphone (Apple or Android devices), the Drivebot becomes a supportive information partner that constantly monitors your car.

Drivebot's range of information incorporates mechanical trouble alerts, trip logs, route advice and business-expense tracking. With the Drivebot plugged in, it sends alerts to a paired device, such as, "Your engine seems wrong—engine oil cap is getting loose." The app then relays instructions on what the user can do to fix it. The driver also receives maintenance reminders, which includes those for tune-ups when the car reaches a certain mileage, or for tire and brake rotation.

The trip log feature was designed to help support drivers who not only need the data to track expenses but want to make future decisions that will save on fuel. Route advice can also take into account efficient driving habits. More specifically, Drivebot can be programmed to monitor driving routes and suggest different routes which could save drivers both time as well as money. Furthermore, the device can tag business trips and export files to email for business-expense tracking. Drivebot's built-in flash storage can store roughly two months of trip data, and features a low-battery voltage alarm.

According to Gerhard Kriel, MD at Kriel Technology Group, most cars sold in South Africa since 1996 are OBD-II enabled, thus compatible with the Drivebot. However, some car models might not support some of the features such as, for example, fuel consumption. The Drivebot team has compiled simple steps on how to know whether your car is compatible with Drivebot or not.

So when you consider buying a used vehicle, plug the Drivebot in during your test drive and you will know whether “Aunt Beryl’s well looked after car” was in fact well looked after. Then you will see what “knowledge is power” means when negotiating the price.

The Drivebot is available for purchase at Kriel Technology Group’s online store here.


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