Single lens transmitted light Microscope with extraordinary optical resolution.

Cellphone meets μHandy

Single lens transmitted light microscope with extraordinary optical resolution.

Pay tribute to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.



 Support Most Smartphones/Tablets

μHandy turns most smart-devices into a portable microscope. It integrates the capabilities of a conventional microscope, a CCD camera, and a desktop. With a smart device, the microscopy system has been miniaturized. Now everyone can be a scientist or biologist.

 Simple To Use

Exploring the charming miniature world has never been so delightful. We've overcome the barriers to entry by making μHandy simple to operate. Use your own camera App to unleash your curiosity and sense of adventure. 

 Incredible Optical Performance

μHandy microscope is compatible with a conventional glass slide. It's superior optical performance facilitates observation and analysis of cells, tissues, and any other micro-scale features.

Appreciate The Beauty Of The Tiny Universe

Capture and share your own micrographs.


Live microscopic observation

Video recording using front camera for live samples

Fish Fin






No focus adjustment is needed.
Our design makes operating the microscope so intuitively simple.

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Compatible with glass slide

glass slide

Suitable for research and educational purpose

μHandy microscope is compatible with a conventional glass slide. Samples can be viewed and scanned with a 22x22 mm area.

Capture and share micrographs instantly anytime, anywhere.

Ultra-high optical resolution

Up to 1μm


Designed using optical simulation software, μHandy's aspheric lens achieves the best single lens microscopy. 1μm optical resolution has been proven scientifically by black and white line pairs (500 line pairs/mm).


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