UroShield KIT

UroShield KIT


A multi-targeting solution that works against a number of factors that are essential in preventing catheter related complications, while reducing pain and discomfort associated with urinary catheter use.

  • Reduces pain and discomfort associated with urinary catheter use
  • Prevents biofilm formation and decreases urinary tract bacteriuria/infection
  • Decreases catheter related trauma
  • Increases antibiotic efficacy

The UroShield KITKIT consists of 2 x US Drivers; 2 x US Clip-on Applicators and Charger Unit.




Catheter related injury (soft tissue trauma and catheter associated urinary tract infection, CAUTI) is one of the leading nosocomial complications which cause patient morbidity and mortality, prolonged urinary catheterization and adds substantially to the cost of medical care.

The UroShield system is a multi-targeting solution intended to work against a number of factors that are essential in preventing catheter related complications. The UroShield Reduces pain and discomfort associated with urinary catheter use, decreases catheter related trauma, diminishes bacteriuria by prevention of biofilm formation and increases antibiotic efficacy.

The clip-on UroShield can be attached to all external urinary tract catheters providing spasm relief, catheter pain reduction and turning the catheter into an active therapeutic device.



UroShield is the first medical device on the market that is intended to prevent bacterial biofilm, increase antibiotic efficacy and decrease pain and discomfort associated with urinary catheter use. It can be used with any type of indwelling urinary catheter regardless of the material or coating.

The UroShield consists of a disposable UroShield clip-on element that is placed onto the external portion of the Foley catheter in addition to a driver unit, to which the disposable connects.


U-Shield clip-on Applicator

The UroShield family of products has been expanded to include two active stabilization patches. The Z-Shield for Percutaneous Nephrosotmy catheters and the S-Shield for Suprapubic Cystostomy catheters.

UroShield has been shown to be safe in clinical trials and has been shown to prevent urinary catheter related injury.

UroShield has received CE Mark and is used in clinical trials in Germany* and Israel.



Modifications of UroShield have been made enabling placement on the entire spectrum of indwelling urinary catheters including supra-pubic cystostomy and percutaneous nephrostomy catheters. These two devices consist of the ultrasound transducer embodied in an adhesive stabilization patch, especially designed to fit the anatomy of each site.


Z-SHIELD FOR PERCUTANEOUS NEPHROSTOMY; The Z-Shield patch is an acoustically active stabilization patch designed for percutaneous nephrostomy catheters and applies low frequency ultrasound to the nephrostomy tube to decrease biofilm and maintain patency. At the same time the Z-Shield patch administers low frequency ultrasound to the puncture site to decrease pain and discomfort associated with percutaneous tubes (e.g. nephrostomy) These tubes cause a marked decrease in quality of life for patients as well as frequently precipitate urgent medical need to maintain tube patency or to exchange the tube for a new one.

Z-Shield: acoustically active stabilization patch for percutaneous nephrostomy


S-SHIELD FOR SUPRA-PUBIC CYSTOSTOMY: The S-Shield patch is an acoustically active stabilization patch designed for percutaneous cystostomies and that applies low frequency ultrasound to the abdominal wall opening as well as to the inserted catheter. The goal of the device is to minimize negative ostomy reactions around the skin opening as well as to minimize biofilm and subsequent infection. In addition, the S-Shield patch is designed to decrease pain and spasm associated with percutaneous cystostomy catheters.

S-Shield: acoustically active stabilization patch for supra-pubic cystostomy




Medical Director, Salem Hospital, University of Heidelberg, Germany

"Catheter associated UTI`s are still one of the main challenges in hospitalized patients, adding considerably to medical costs. I was very impressed when I first heard about the UroShield technology. Our interest led to first clinical studies, with astonishing results towards biofilm prevention and UTI reduction. I am convinced that the UroShield technology is an important new tool to overcome this problem, hereby reducing significantly the costs of treatment and antibiotic resistance patterns". -  Prof. Uwe Ikinger


72 years old female, Brandon, Canada - UroShield

MC has an indwelling catheter as a result of loss of bladder control due to Multiple-Sclerosis. MC suffered from bladder spasms, pain, burning and discomfortat the catheter site. MC also suffered severe and frequent (every 2-3 months)urinary tract infections to the point where either at home intravenous treatment for the infection or hospitalization was required. In severe infection, MC would get weak and disoriented that required 2-4 days of hospitalization. With repeated infections and used antibiotics, MC's body began to resist some of the antibiotics that were used to treat the urinary tract infections.

Symptoms influence on daily life:
- ongoing bladder spasms, pain and discomfort at the catheter site
- sleepless nights due to discomfort at the catheter site and frequent urinary tract infections
- these symptoms affected MC's personality, as well as her desire and ability to socialize both within her home and outside of her home

 UroShield experience:

  • Within hours of the UroShield being attached to the catheter MC noticed less pain and discomfort.
  • After the UroShield had been in place for one day MC slept through the night, and continues to sleep through the night more often than not
  • Urinary tract infections have been eliminated with the ongoing use of the UroShield
  • Bladder spams have been reduced dramatically with the UroShield  

MC's Quality of life has improved significantly:
Sleeping through the night has resulted in MC feeling more rested, no more infections has resulted in no more in home intravenous treatments or trips to the hospital for treatment of the infection.
MC is generally feeling better and has a greater desire to be social, thereby improving relationships and overall quality of life.